This is a heart-wrenching story of a baby elephant calf searching for milk from her dying elephant mother.

The villagers noticed an emanciated elephant mother and a baby elephant staying near a small river located near the border of the forest from a few days.

The elephant mother was very thin and unhealthy looking.

She may have come out of the forest looking for some help from people, but she has fallen into the ground with no energy remaining in the body.

So the villagers informed the wildlife officers about the distressed elephant.

The wildlife officers found that the mouth of the elephant mother was severely damaged from a jaw exploding trap.

That should have been the reason for her severe weakness in the body.

The wildlife officers didn’t give up.

They tried their best to save the treasured elephant.

The elephant might have been starving in the forest for a very long period as she was unable to eat food as her mouth had been shattered by a jaw exploder.

Day by day, this deadly hazard of explosive bait is increasingly maiming the innocent elephants.

During the last two months we found eight cases of mouth-injured elephants who had become victims of explosive bait.

A crowd gathered and were deeply moved with the sight of this innocent baby elephant.

One compassionate officer tried to feed the baby with bottled milk.

They started treating her.

They gave saline to the elephant to aid her to regain her lost energy.

They gave antibiotics as well, but they were all in vain.

They were too late to find her and they could only treat her for two days.

The explosives are hidden inside of a food cover for the purpose of hunting wild boars, but unfortunately, the vulnerable elephants are also crippled with this barbaric trap.

More and more often, the elephant mother is laying to her death.

Her innocent, tender baby couldn’t figure out what is going on and what’s going to happen.

They didn’t know that their mother was at the last stage of their life.

They’re seeking warmth of their mother.

The poor baby suckles milk from the dying mother.

He’s the destitute elephant mother who was still in pain and weakened with starvation, still cared about her baby.

It brought tears to everyone’s eyes who saw the elephant mother lift her leg to let the baby try to suckle milk.

It was really a heartbreaking scene.

The mother was caring for her baby until her final breath, proving that a mother’s love never really dies.

A mother’s love for her baby is like nothing else in the world.

This is true to elephants as well as humans.

This elephant mother was incredibly miserable, yet she still worried so much about her baby, even in her final breaths.

Finally, the poor animal passed away, losing all hopes of the wildlife officers and leaving alone her little baby.

In the world.

The poor little things still didn’t know that their mother had passed away.

They might think that the mother’s in a deep sleep.

The baby kept nudging its mother with its trunk, still trying to suckle milk, searching for warmth from his beloved mother.

You finally, amidst the mournful size of the gathering villagers and the wildlife officers, they buried the dead body of the poor elephant mother.

The poor baby was deprived of his mother due to a barbaric act of a human.

The wildlife officers carried the lone baby elephant to an elephant orphanage home, and the staff in the orphanage home is dedicated to look after the orphaned baby elephant.

The poor baby will be nurtured and looked after there until maturity.

When the baby elephant reaches a stage that he can survive alone, they’ll release him back into the forest.

So oh.

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