On September 22, GWARP (Global Welfare Association for Rescuing and Protecting Animals) received a distressing report about an elderly dog who was being neglected and abused. This case stood out as one of the worst they had ever encountered.

The dog, visibly ill and weak, was found chained without access to food or water. It was evident that the dog was suffering from bone cancer, a condition that had gone untreated for years. Living on a short chain, surviving on scraps and garbage, the dog’s malnourishment and lack of essential nutrients had led to the development of osteosarcoma, a severe form of bone cancer.

The veterinarian confirmed that this type of cancer is typically caused by significant damage and infection, resulting in the formation of a tumor. Heartbreakingly, the person who reported the case had witnessed the dog being brutally beaten by its intoxicated owner. The dog had been confined to the yard for years, unable to move more than a few feet due to the short metal chain.

When the GWARP rescue team requested to take custody of the dog, the owner refused, claiming ownership rights. Determined to save the dog’s life, the rescue team sought assistance from the local police. After hours of negotiation and providing the necessary documentation, the owner relented, realizing that the dog urgently needed medical attention.

“We agreed, as the poor dog required immediate medical checks, blood tests, and an urgent amputation. Tissue samples were sent for histology. There is still a long road ahead,” stated one of the GWARP team members.

X-rays revealed the extent of the dog’s osteosarcoma, a rapidly growing tumor that had not yet spread to the lungs, offering a glimmer of hope for its survival. However, the tumor continued to expand, causing the skin to tear as it grew each day.

In an effort to cleanse the dog of its traumatic past and negative energy, Jordan, as he was named, was given a comforting bath.

“Unfortunately, Jordan’s condition cannot be treated adequately in Azerbaijan. He needs to be transported to Turkey, where he can receive the necessary care. His travel arrangements are scheduled in a few days,” the team informed.

Jordan safely arrived in Istanbul, where he underwent pre-surgery sedation to obtain comprehensive X-rays of his entire body. With the tumor-ridden limb now removed through amputation surgery, Jordan’s road to recovery had officially begun.

It has been three days since Jordan’s surgery, and he is proving to be a quick learner, adapting well to his new life. His appetite has returned, and he eagerly enjoys the food provided by his caretakers.

Let us continue to send our well wishes for Jordan’s speedy recovery and hope for a long and happy life ahead. Jordan, you are loved by all who have been touched by your story.

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