One day, while on our daily rounds, we stumbled upon a very sad sight. A heavily pregnant dog had fallen into a drain and was unable to get out due to her massive belly. She looked extremely miserable and was in obvious pain. We knew we had to act fast to save her and her unborn puppies.

We immediately took the dog to the vet, hoping that they would be able to help her. It was a difficult task as she was so big and couldn’t move around easily. But finally, with some help, we managed to get her to the clinic. Unfortunately, her condition was critical, and the vet had to perform an emergency C-section to save her puppies.

Despite the best efforts of the medical team, the mother dog fell into a coma after the surgery and passed away soon after. It was a heartbreaking moment for all of us, but we knew that the puppies needed us now more than ever

We took the little pups into our care and made sure they were well-fed and taken care of. It was a tough job without a mother, but we did our best to fill in the gap. We knew that they would have a better chance of survival if they were adopted by loving families who would take care of them.

We put in all our efforts to find the puppies their forever homes, and we are happy to say that they all found loving families. It was a bittersweet ending to this story, but we were glad to have been able to make a difference in these puppies’ lives. We hope that they will grow up healthy and happy, and we thank everyone who supported us in this mission.

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